One of the primary components of The Twist Life is my real estate investing business. At Keaton Capital we are determined to transform all of our repositioned properties into clean and safe apartments that our tenants will be happy and proud to call home. We practice a win-win-win strategy to ensure all parties are granted their most opportune outcome.

Current Owners Win

Most owners are selling due to some form of distress with tenants, management, finances. Perhaps they’re just ready to retire from the work. We buy properties at fair prices to allow owners a comfortable exit.

The Neighborhood Wins

Our reposition strategy enhances not only the property, but the tenants within that property, and subsequently the neighborhood surrounding it.

Investors Win

With strategies for both short and long-term holds, our cash flow and exit plan for each investment has historically proven quite successful.

Real Estate

How it Works

We locate specific properties

We focus on blue collar communities with positive job growth and demographics. Affordable multifamily real estate assets that have core-plus risk profile with value-added return potential.

We help the owner exit

Current owners may want to sell for a variety of reasons. We make fair offers to allow them a proper exit from their property.

We buy the property

Our team completes all phases of acquisition, including securing funding, legal services and closing on the property.

We manage the property

Keaton Capital repositions the current status of the building, through various improvements and proper tenant management, to access its full cash flow potential.

Our exit strategy

Our primary intention is to provide a clean and safe home for our tenants. Our immediate goal is 5-10 year holdings, however some early exits may present themselves at times.

Transaction Size

Our current acquisition target is 20+ unit apartment buildings valued at $1,000,000-$2,000,000