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The main thing I was told when seeking advice for the podcast format was to stay very narrow on the guest list stories and content, and try to capture a niche audience in order to grow…. well I’m never much for following advice anyway so I did the exact opposite.

We have designers, athletes, talent agents, doctors, engineers, authors, entertainers, chefs, models, investors, business owners, DJ’s… We have Americans, Colombians, Swiss, Germans, South Africans, Nicaraguans, Australians… We have all sorts of people talking about all sorts of things.

Each guest will discuss the Twists they’ve had in their lives, and how they’re currently Twisting their lives in 2020. You’ll hear all about what was unique in their story of how they got to now, what they’re currently doing differently than others and how they project the future of their lives to play out… WELCOME TO THE SHOW!!!

BRIAN ORR aka DJ TWIST – host of The Twist Life Podcast