Never Have I Ever Actress Aitana Rinab Talks Life With DJ Twist

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Never Have I Ever Actress Aitana Rinab Talks Life With DJ Twist

Aitana Rinab is a 24 year old actress, most recently she plays the role of Zoe Maytag in Netflix’s #1 show “Never Have I Ever.” Aitana takes us on her journey from New York to Spain to Los Angeles and the beginning her acting career. We talk about the challenges of relocating on your own, following your dreams to success, why it’s not always smart to try to monetize your best skill and how to build a supporting cast around yourself as the main character of life.

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Never Have I Ever on Netflix

  • My role on Netflix’s “Never Have I Ever” – 2:17
  • Acting as a full time career – 3:55
  • There’s a lot of pretty faces in LA – 4:52
  • Being relatable and not afraid to be myself is what sets me apart – 5:49
  • What day to day is like for me – 6:45
  • Going the extra mile to get the role – 10:35
  • The best Halloween costume I ever made – 14:20
  • My major TWIST in life! – 17:20
  • Moving from Spain to LA and trying to break into the acting industry – 21:30
  • The importance of having confidence in your manager and team – 26:10
  • Insights on my new show, “Never Have I Ever” – 29:00
  • The roles I’m cast in and how I prepare – 30:52
  • My best dance move – 35:41


  • What is your most recent project you’ve been working on and can you talk to me about your role? – 2:08
  • Is acting your main profession? – 3:49
  • All you need to succeed is a pretty face, right? – 4:50
  • What do you bring to the table in your industry? – 5:40
  • What is it like trying to get acting roles in Los Angeles? – 6:40
  • Can you explain what a self tape is? – 9:00
  • You mentioned getting a coach for your self tapes – Is going above and beyond something you subscribe to in your career? – 10:28
  • Can you explain a little bit more about your musical talents? – 12:25 Piano, acting, and sewing?? – 14:02
  • What was the best Halloween costume that you’ve ever MADE? – 15:58
  • Tell me about a major TWIST in your life? – 17:05
  • Can you walk me through the challenges you’ve faced and how you mentally overcame them? – 21:20
  • Can you talk to me about the relationship you have with your manager and the importance of having confidence in your team? – 25:40
  • Team Ben or team Paxton? – 28:50
  • How do you shift into the mindset of a much younger role? – 30:45
  • What is your best dance move? – 35:30

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