Moving Day

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Brian Orr Journaling

As the Panthers pre-game festivities are going down outside the window to my left, and an enormous stack of boxes looms to my right, we are days away from moving again. You’re reading this here because today is my first day writing an online journal – I am going to try this method now as I’ve tried and failed many times to maintain a written journal.

So we’re 11 months and 2 weeks into what I thought was a 15 month lease, but turned out to be a 12-month lease. In the wake of Melissa’s birthday, our anniversary and Christmas we are set to load up a truck and head to another location yet again…

New York

In 1994 I was a sophomore at Lafayette High School in Brooklyn, New York. My family was living on East 17th street since moving from East 18th street 4 years before. We had moved 6 years prior to that from Nostrand Avenue, where we lived in the same buildings as two of my mother’s sisters.  

North Carolina

Then, in 1995 we moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and thus began my ever nomadic lifestyle. As a junior we lived on Landon Circle, a short distance of about 500 yards from the future Charlotte Catholic High School. At that time I was attending the older High School, which was about 10 miles away on Park Road. It was not until we moved to the other side of Charlotte for my senior year that Charlotte Catholic relocated to near Landon Circle – just my luck!

Between NY and NC

I graduated from high school and packed my bags to NC State in the year 96. I lived in a different residence each year of college, and no two summer residencies were the same either as I spent some in NC and some in NY. After graduating from college in 2000, I temporarily lived at my uncle’s house before jet-setting off to a number of locations with various roommates for the next 12 years.  

Out West and Beyond

In 2012, I packed and shipped my life to sunny Las Vegas. I spent 2 wild years there before a 6 week-stay in Nicaragua. Not long after that, Melissa and I really started hitting it off, so back to Charlotte I went, settling in nicely in the basement of Mom’s townhouse in Rock Ridge.  

Back to Charlotte

At this point I acquired a new roommate who’s been with me since. Melissa and I were figuring it in the ground floor of 144 when a knock at the door sent us on our way again. An offer to purchase Mom’s townhome led to a subsequent 6-month interim move into her next door neighbor’s townhome, literally next door. To move a large portion of the stuff, I simply knocked out a portion of each of the second floor decks and we handed stuff over into the rails on a shaky bridge and into the kitchen of 142.  

It didn’t take very long there before Mel and I decided it was time to fly the coop. We landed in the heart of Charlotte at the Element building in 2015. It was there we got the news that another roommate was on the way, yet there we were in a one-bedroom so the most logical decision was to move back to a roomy townhouse in Rock Ridge!  

Back to NYC

But by the May of 2016, I was on 1-95 in a Uhaul in the pouring rain back to Gerritsen Beach Brooklyn. Just about 500 yards from the house I was first brought home to many years ago on 34th Street… The street we played wiffle ball and football on. The street I fell into the sewer on as an infant. The street where Donna found my teeth in the bushes after returning from the hospital where the surgically removed a tooth from my nose after an incident with a sprinkler, a hurried child and set of brick steps. Ah the good times. 

35th street is where we got news of number two. It’s also when Mel realized the reality of living in New York did not match what’s portrayed in movies. There were a few too many horns, sirens, and attitudes than a girl from Texas could handle. 

Back to NC!

A pair of friendly faces welcomed us back to North Carolina – Mom and Stepdad Gene. We moved into their new home, our 4th time living in Rock Ridge. But of course Mel wouldn’t hear of having our second child at Mom’s, so 6 months later we moved to Gastonia. Oh Gastonia, what can I say of thee? I know what to say… “Where’s the Uhaul?!”  

So yup, right back to the Element in Uptown Charlotte, but this time with 2 babies in a 2-bedroom. 

My son is 3 years old. He’s lived in 5 different places so far, and after 11 months and 2 weeks of a failed experience living with his new roommate and their incompatible sleeping habits, this will be his 6th room. However, this will be his own room again, just like any place we could move to will be his home.