Boxing In The Ring And At Home With Mr. Mom Adam Esposito

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My guest today is Adam Esposito.  Adam has twisted through life as a Police Officer in Brooklyn, a Professional Boxing Coach, and… a full-time Mr. Mom.

Adam walks us through the good, the bad, and the “Grime and Slime” of professional boxing, all of the strategy involved behind the scenes, and how to avoid being a “tomato can.”

I’m going to take a deep dive with Adam about life as a Brooklyn cop, why he decided to pursue that role, and what that’s meant for him.

We also talk through the darker side of life and how Adam has overcome some tougher times, his demons, battled depression, and evolved into a winner. Not only do we talk about how he himself overcome those problems, but how even a 6-foot 240-pound ex-Brooklyn cop wasn’t able to do it alone. We’ll talk about finding your “trainer” as well as finding the reason for why you’re fighting.

You got a guy? Adam’s got a guy.


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