Millennial Investing, Motocross and Making Your Dreams A Reality with Robert Leonard

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Robert was a very successful international motocross racer throughout his childhood. That was taken away by his father after a close friend died in the sport. Robert’s attention turned towards a new passion of finance and investing, led by his favorite author Warren Buffet. This new obsession put him on a track for tremendous success in and around the financial education space, which includes hosting two podcasts on the subject and a book on it’s way.

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What Robert Talked About:

  • 1:16 Millennial Investing Podcast & Real Estate Investing Podcast
  • 3:00 Racing motocross throughout childhood
  • 5:35 How I discovered the art of investing
  • 9:10 My Real Estate journey
  • 9:30 Purchasing a home in college
  • 12:30 Finding a mentor
  • 13:40 Writing a book
  • 17:35 Developing my podcast and overcoming doubts
  • 21:15 How I manage my time and get it ALL done

Some Questions I Ask:

  • 1:12 Can you tell me about your two podcasts?
  • 2:50 Can you tell me about yourself?
  • 5:30 How did you discover investing and Warren Buffet at such a young age?
  • 9:05 When did you start investing in Real Estate?
  • 9:20 Can you walk us through your first deal?
  • 10:55 What is a specific lesson that you can recall from spending your entire youth in competitive sports?
  • 12:25 How do you find a mentor?
  • 15:00 How do you go about beginning to write a book or start a podcast?
  • 21:00 You do so much in so many different areas, how do you find the time to do it?

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