How To Take A Punch, The Love Of Boxing and The Hatred Of Hair Balls with LaVonte Earley

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Boxer LaVonte “The World Class Gentleman” Earley in 10-0 in his pro career. In this show, he talks about the importance of making a decision, and sticking to it. He reveals his go-to combo. And what being a World Class Gentleman is all about. We dive into this and way more on The Twist Life Podcast!

  • 3:28 – How I got into boxing
  • 6:31 – Team sports vs. solo sports
  • 9:22 – How to progress from an Amateur to a Professional
  • 10:36 – How to actually succeed in boxing / training
  • 14:02 – Nutrition
  • 20:35 – What is your gift to the world?
  • 27:29 – What is a World Class Gentleman?
  • 32:04 – My go to combo
  • 34:32 – How to fight a group of kids (lol)
  • 37:52 – My message to the world

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