I’ve been many things in many life to many people. I’m currently a DJ, real estate investor, husband and father who’s heavily involved in nonprofit work. I’ve travelled around the world and met a ton of amazing people through DJ life. The term Twist Life sprung up a few years back as friends of mine were jokingly hashtagging #TwistLife as they posted about whatever adventures or crazy shit they were doing. I’ve come to realize that brand actually does represent me as a whole. I decided to build out the concept of The Twist Life through a podcast I will be releasing soon. My guests on this podcast are people from various walks of life who have been on different journeys, experienced crazy shit in one form or another, and have achieved success through hardship, setbacks and obstacles. Please join me on this journey of exploration into the lives and minds of some pretty awesome people.


As an internationally touring DJ, I’ve played in more than 100 cities and been featured on TV and print in multiple countries.


The number one tool for long term wealth building is owning real estate. I’ve expanded my investment company to allow you the opportunity to join me on this quest.


The man behind the brands. Husband, father, philanthropist, coach, speaker, author-in-training and overall decent guy.